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Adam L. Wayne

Adam L. Wayne

Adam L. Wayne of Menomonie, WI passed away unexpectedly on August 13, 2023.

Adam was born March 1, 2001 to Joseph Wayne and Virginia Benish in Menomonie, WI.  He graduated from Menomonie High School in 2019 where he enjoyed playing football.  Adam was blessed to be loved and cared for by many people in his life and he loved and cared for everyone he ever met.  He immensely enjoyed being outdoors hunting, fishing, camping, and spending time with his family and playing paintball, airsoft, and being with friends.  He will be remembered and missed by many who he touched with his short life.

Adam is survived by his parents: Joe and Kayla Wayne of Menomonie, Virginia Benish of Sheboygan, and Sarah Wayne of Menomonie.  He is also survived by his brothers and sisters who adored him: Sam, Ben, Alli, Austin, Colin, and Paige.  Grandparents: Linda Wayne, Lee and Bonnie Benish, Dan and Kathie Kester, and Marcus and Judy Blue.  Aunts and Uncles: Amber (Chris) Weeman, Chelsie (Adam) Anderson, Chris (Amy) Kester, Marcus (Katie) Blue, Tracy Blue. Cousins: Ryan, Jacob, Zach, Caleb, Ayden, Aspen, Emmitt, Libby, Ian, and Ella. 

He was preceded in death by his Grandfather Robert J. Wayne. 

A Celebration of Adam’s life will be held from 4:00 to 7:00 PM Tuesday August 29, 2023 at Rhiel Funeral Home in Menomonie.  Private graveside services will be at a later date.



  1. Catherine Gerhardt

    Me and Adam were friends in High School. I was unfortunately not informed of his passing until recently. We used to hang out a lot, in fact I would go to all of his football games. He was so bright, funny, and talented. The best friend I could’ve asked for. I was so proud of him, he worked hard and it showed. I’m so so sorry for your loss. I’ll hold him in my heart for a long time. Rest in piece Adam.

  2. Jenny Boda

    I'm glad I got to get to work with you and got to know you Adam! I will miss working, talking, and telling stories with you! My condolences to your family ????!! RIP Adam you will be missed by many!

  3. Paige Benish

    When we lived in a green house with a downward slanting driveway we'd each crouch down on our scooters (for maximum SPEED) and zoom down the drive way and right into the street.

    I would sneak into the room and purposely wipe my hands all over his glass desk so it would be filthy with my hand prints.

    When we lived in the upstairs of an old house, we had a portable air conditioner. Because the air conditioner had a digital display that could go down to 60 and up to 80, we thought it could heat as well as cool. So in the middle of Wisconsin January, freezing our asses off, we turned on the air conditioner, thinking it would heat. It did not.

    On weekends I watched him play all sorts of video games. Assassins Creed, Far Cry, Fallout, a different Assassins Creed, etc. Even though I was never allowed to touch that controller once (that didn't stop me) I was probably one of the coolest kids in school, having "played" all these violent video games and being able to talk about them in great detail.

    He took me fishing a couple times and I caught something only once. He taught me to change the drag adjust and spool of a fishing rod, and how to fillet and debone fish.

    We used to have this "trampoline chair" (a staple of a good 2010s childhood) and every time he sat in it, the stretches in the trampoline material showed his butt and back. From across the room I would shoot nerf bullets at his butt, or if I was too tired to do that, just poke him through the material with a drum stick.

    When the now famous game Minecraft was new and indie we got it on an old macbook. I watched him play it for hours (I didn't ever really get a "turn" but such was life) and out of either kindness of annoyance, he built me a house in the shape of a green gummy bear. This was possibly the kindest thing anyone had ever done for me at the time, because that's how I remember it.

    He liked a band called Slip Knot a lot. I called it Lip Snot everytime he showed me a song.

    We'd sneak out at night and walk to the gas station for candy and cappuccinos. I cannot tell you why we were drinking cappuccinos in the middle of the night but I was just happy at the time to be involved.

    Instead of sleeping in his bed he used to sleep on an air mattress to play games longer and complete them.

    One time in a hotel pool I went to jump on his back. I jumped and clinged to a man's back before seeing my brother across the pool.

    He had long gaps between seeing eachother and eachtime we did see eachother he showed me songs he thought I would like.

    We both agreed that the Eau Claire Old Country Buffet was possibly the best place on earth. When the receptionist wasn't looking we would fill our water cups with icees. We may be personally responsible for the eventual closing of the Eau Claire Old Country Buffet but that's not really important.

    He called his first car The Nugget, and the next one "Es-COP-Aye." It was an Escape. A Ford Escape.

    All the times I visited I never took any pictures of him. As a 14 year old with a phone, taking pictures of your brother really isn't a priority. But even when I was older I never even thought of taking a picture. I knew what my brother looked like, why would I? I now have the 3 whole pictures of him in my phone saved in a folder. They're pretty terrible quality and far from flattering, but the are the best three photos I've ever taken.

  4. Daniel Bauer

    Wishing many blessings and prayers to the entire family. Continue our lives in peace and precerverence.????

  5. Linda Haight

    Dear Kayla and Joe;

    My heart hurts for you and your family for this tremendous loss.

    Know that I have you in my heart and prayers and wish I could do something to take away your pain.

    Auntie Linda Haight

  6. Trisha Benish

    Adam was a very special person to all who met him. He was silly, sensitive, and full of love. From the moment I held him on March 1, 2001, he brought so much joy into my life. Adam was the sweetest little boy, with amazing confidence. His love of dinosaurs, trucks, and animals made for fun discussions and lessons he would give while laying in the grass or walking the dogs. I was so proud of him the day he finally learned to ride his bike without training wheels. We worked on it and worked on it and after some mistakes, I let the seat go and that was that: he was free!

    As a preadolescent, he took risks with exploring new activities, ideas, and meeting new people. Not many kids were as brave as him. He made a friend everywhere he’d go. His friendly demeanor and approachable smile allowed so many to enjoy his personality.

    As a teenager, he was adventurous and loved to travel. I hoped for him to travel the world and see all the different people who live out here and experience all the wonderful cultures. He was curious and enjoyed learning new things. He told the best stories!

    As a young man, he was a hard worker. He cared about doing a good job. He supported himself while exploring his interests. It is not surprising that he surrounded himself with wonderful friends who cared for him.

    He was also survived by his Auntie Trisha and his cousins: Wesnaytha Benish and Mikenchise Benish. The girls will only have pictures and stories about Adam. They all would have had a wonderful time together. All adventurous and love being silly.

    Life will not be the same without Adam. Our world has to miss out on the impacts he would have made. His beautiful soul will live on whenever someone is kind to another person or animal.

    I love you Snugs. Until we meet again.

  7. Luther Yang

    You were a great coworker and friend, gonna miss our jokes.
    Glad we shared a drink together buddy!

  8. Roger and Nancy Steinmeyer

    Our deepest sympathy for Adam’s family. Thoughts and prayers are with you all ????

  9. Justice Quilling

    I was a classmate of Adam, even though I never got the chance to really get to know him he was such a nice guy. You could tell how kind and nice of a person he was. Prayers to the family.

  10. Peggy Woolever

    You were a great friend and coworker. You will be dearly missed ????

  11. Terri

    My sincere condolences to all of you. May wonderful memories comfort you during this time of sorrow.

  12. Hornung Carol

    With deepest condolences to you Joe and family. So sorry. ????????????????????????

  13. Kim Dicks

    May your happy memories give you peace and comfort during this challenging time. Love to all.

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